Hello Hippie Yogini Moms!

If this isn't allowed, I apologize...please feel free to delete.

I've just created a new community on LJ called placenta_love. It's a place for birth professionals, placenta encapsulation specialists, birth junkies, parents and anyone who has an appreciation for placenta. My hope is that it will be a vibrant space for placenta pictures/artwork, stories, rituals, recipes, questions and tips.

X-posted like crazy. Thank you for your patience. :)
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Finding My Exression

I am creating a new possibility out of being re-awakened to my true passion this past weekend. I realized that I was suppressing myself in my creative passions and expressions because I could not find a community I could fit in with, and I had tried to create one on my own un-successfully.

What I am looking into presently is:

To create a hippy artistic community for parents and their children to meet regularly through promoting it at all the hippy/new age/yoga/alternative places I know of in and around Philadelphia.

Or, to find a hippy artistic community for parents and their children in or around New Hope or another location surrounding Philadelphia, PA.

I will find a place I can fit in, in the world, and I know I do not have to fit in to be myself anymore!

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Ephemeral Mists "Moon Ritual"

Ephemeral Mists is the newest side project by composer Brett Branning (The synthetic dream foundation & Abandoned Toys). The debut album, "Moon Ritual" is out now on Mythical records.

The sound of the project is best described as downtempo ambient electronics mixed with ethnic world musics in the vein of "Karma" era Delerium, Amethystium, and Robert rich. Its an incredibly powerful cd to use as yoga music and Reiki music. A beautiful creation and I highly recommend it to anyone into newage styles of music.
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hi, i'm trish. i was raised in a feminist hippy commune(only half joking), have done various forms of yoga for 34 of my 37 years, and have 2 sons, ages 14 and 12. this sounds like it'll be a great community!!!!

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Hello hippy mamas! I'm into attempting to sew my own maternity  "tents", even though I don't really know how to sew at all. We rent a nice house near some lovely green bits and have 6 chickens and a medium vege patch that will hopefully start feeding us soon. This will be my first bub. I'm 24 weeks today.
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Welcome to Hippy Yogini Mom

Shifting One's Outlook

"As our discrimination deepens and our detachment becomes stronger, our outlook and actions begin to change.   Our clinging to the world is gradually lessened, and we awaken to the infinite human and spiritual potential that lies within us. This shift in outlook is an important step in our spiritual development, as it constitutes a turning from self-centeredness to God-centeredness, from selfishness to selflessness."

--Swami Viprananda

Namaste lady Shaktis!

Welcome to the new community for women, Goddesses, Shaktis, hippies, pagans, Yoginis and moms, or moms to be.

This is a new community, so please help me spread the word to shed its light. Let us birth this community into action.

Please share your thoughts, insights, pains, woes, inspirations, passions, intentions, challenges, thoughts, feelings on your journey in your life and your journey as a mom.

I welcome everyone!

With love and inspiring thoughts......


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