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Combining the universal forces of yoga and hippy living to love and transform our lives.
Hippy Yogini Mom is a place for all moms who share a goal of growth, transformation and healing through yoga, spirituality and healing, and who call themselves hippies and free spirits to unite and feel a safe haven and kinship with others. This is a place to combine our unique gifts, our insights, our desires, prayers, eclectic ways of living and our LOVE of Yoga!

We are the mothers! We are here to heal ourselves, grow as we become the parents we wish we had, live in freedom, dance to enliven our juicy wild natures, and live through our yoga.

This is a place to get re-awakened to yoga, or grow stronger in our practice. Whether you are new to yoga, or are a teacher yourself, all moms come together and let's support each other in our role in the world ~ to live freely, with love, with strength, and with harmony!

Blessed Be!

Sat Nam!

Om Shaktis!!!!

Choosing to be in bliss, for ourselves, our children, and the world!

With Love,


Members, please post. Post lots. Post when you're having a hard day and want some positive inspiration, and post when you're having a good day and want to inspire others. This is a place to make friends and join hands, support, make friend and heal together.
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